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How to Remove Spots or Stains from Carpets

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Carpets are fluffy and plush flooring type that never fail to impress. Everybody loves carpets but not everyone is too happy with its maintenance. That’s the only reason why other flooring options are even considered.

One of the major problems with carpets is staining. Dropping anything on it is always a disaster. Think about it. Your child dropped his ice cream. A guest spilled her red wine. Your new puppy trampled over your bowl of salad with creamy dressing. Your husband created splotches of paint on the floor. All of these will definitely cause a disaster to your carpet.

How to Clean Spills

If you own a carpet, then you should know which cleaning agent that you can use for the stained parts. Do note that there are many types of carpets and the cleaning agent you should get must specifically match its fibers. Using the wrong one can cause permanent damage. If any of the stains is difficult to remove, then you might want to call in the experts.

As a rule of thumb, any spill on the carpet has to be cleaned immediately. Otherwise, things can turn into worse. The faster you handle the stain, the higher are your chances of successfully removing it without a trace. Liquid spills can be blotted quickly using a clean white towel or cloth.

How to Properly Clean Carpets

Use a damp clean white towel with the right carpet cleaning agent for the type of stain you’re removing to clean the area. Gently blot the stained parts. Work from the edges towards the center. Use the cleaner side of cloth every so often to remove the stain effectively. Try not to get your carpet too wet.

After applying the cleaning solution, use water to rinse the area thoroughly. Blot all excess moisture. Be sure to remove all residues or they may attract even more dirt. Then seal the area from traffic. Speed up dying time by weighing down absorbent material like cloth and tissue to remove the moisture. You may also direct a fan towards the area to circulate the air around it.

Carpet Cleaning Tips and Tricks

If you wonder how you can easily get some of the most common stains out of your carpet, consider this list. Use it as a guide to choose the most ideal cleaning agent for the type of carpet and stain.

1. Light greasy stains

Coat the area with carbonated water or aerosol shaving cream. Use a hair blower to dry the area. You may also sprinkle the stained area with corn starch, talcum powder, cornmeal, or baking soda. Leave for six hours, and then use the vacuum cleaner.

2. Water-soluble stains

Mix a teaspoon of mild detergent with a teaspoon of white vinegar with a quart of water. Using a clean cloth, apply the solution on the stained area. Put a few layers of paper towels and white tissues over it. Weigh down something heavy, like books. Let it stand an hour. Replace the tissues with fresh ones then leave it overnight.

These are just some of the things that you can do in case your carpet got stained. But the easiest way to handle the problem is to call up the best in carpet cleaning Rochester NY. That way, you’ll make the professionals with the right tools and equipment handle the job.

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